Crushing 2023

Prepare to be inspired AF

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In the game of Life, you are the protagonist. The plot: move amongst several billion non-playable characters. The goal: to reach your death with a modicum of integrity and dignity left. The final stage boss is God, of course, who will tally the points you accrued over your lifetime. But let’s not get that far ahead yet.

I’m not saying that you should only look out for #1. You should show compassion to those NPCs you encounter along your journey. What I will say is that an NPC’s role is to supply you with some bit of information (which you need to analyze for usefulness because it’s just as likely to be a ball of belly button lint as it is a nugget of gold).

NPCs are also incredibly disappointing. Even if they’ve given you a major piece of the puzzle you were missing.

Can we all just agree on this? People are disappointing. Parents, siblings, lovers, friends. Everyone is placed in your path to provide some sort of adversity. These are the mini-bosses. If you’re lucky their influence will help you build character rather than mislead or harm you.

What I woke up this morning feeling grateful for is solitude. I recently blew up my life and rebuilt it to suit my needs. Now I get to spend half the week alone without distractions. I get to do my midnight snacking with all the lights on, making as much noise as I like. I get to sleep in each morning. I put my focus on self-care routines (like Pilates and listening to the Black Keys discography on repeat) and on creative pursuits.

My commitment to myself this year is to leave behind all that doesn’t serve me. That includes grief, grudges, and candy bars. I open my palms to the universe to receive all the energy and gifts it wishes to impart. I wish to expand with the universe. (It’s definitely expanding, not contracting, by the way.) I will search the darkness for hidden bounty.

I am going off-script. I will be the creator of my own destiny.

How about you?

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